Digital Strategy

Using the perfect combination of experience and evidence, we use a holistic approach to craft online campaigns that reflect and expand upon offline goals. Working as a key member of your team, our goal is to integrate the web into every part of your organization. We know that politics is a crazy business, which is why our dedication to speed and quality is legendary.


Claiming deep expertise across search, display, and social advertising platforms. We are experts at leveraging the right combination of strategy, creative, and targeting to effectively engage key audiences. Whether you’re aiming to raise donations, build an email list, enhance your branding and profile, or a little of everything, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Data and Microtargeting

We use the latest techniques, tools, and strategies to make data-driven decisions on everything we do, from fundraising strategy to advertising and social media campaigns. Elections very often come down to the last, critical voters and our data management and micro-targeting services ensure you’re talking to the right people, in the right places, and at the right time.


We are providing fundraising services for politics and public affairs. We have experienced staff and they know the strategy of fundraising. Our fundraising team has decades of experience in raising money for candidates and non-profits. In fact, we’ve raised more money online for our recent clients & they are happy and satisfied with our fundraising techniques.

Social Media

Pioneering tactics like geo-social posts and one-click email collection, the MediaLink Solutions team is widely regarded as the most effective force in social media. Believing that both politics and the web are fundamentally about people, we’ll help you create great content and build and optimize your social media presence so that your supporters can easily share it with the people they care about.

Web Development

Modern web design is as much science as art, and our creative team specializes in generating creative assets that are as beautiful as they are effective. Balancing form with function, we pride ourselves on creating gorgeous designs that produce action, from viral infographics, to conversion-optimized banner ads and landing pages, to websites that drive donations and get supporters.

Mobile Innovation

We follow a “mobile first” strategy in developing every asset within your digital campaign. With increasing numbers of users utilizing a mobile device to consume your content, a unified experience across destkop, tablet, and smartphone is no longer an optional feature – it’s essential to your success. From websites to email, our team are experts in designing services that work flawlessly on every device.

Messaging and Branding

A campaign’s only product is its brand, which makes brand integrity the most important foundation upon which everything else is laid. Having managed the brands of some of politic’s most dynamic figures, our team has unparalleled experience and understanding of how to use your campaign’s unique assets to create an enduring, consistent, and winning brand.

Our Digital Marketing Service Strategies for The Political Campaign

Digital marketing has become an essential tool for effective Political Campaign. MediaLink’s Political Campaign Solutions makes it easy for you to connect with voters, supporters and reach the targeted audience for the very low cost.


A business page allow reaching the target audience. Both Facebook users and non-Facebook users can view your Fan page and you can use it to link to and from your websites and newsletters and post updates, promotions, and announcements relating to your campaign. Facebook Ads also can be run on these pages.

Twitter (X)

Twitter’s fast-moving platform and character limitation support sharing more branded content more frequently. Message gets to become part of the conversation with numerous opportunities like trending hashtags and Twitter chats. Twitter also allows running ads on targeted location and audience.


YouTube Channel is the best place upload the video content and reaches the target audience. This is the second largest search engine in the world and videos can go viral and reach a large number of audience. We can run video advertisements through google AdSense in the targeted location.


Instagram is another tool which has millions of monthly users. This is the perfect platform to reach young voters. Luckily, on Instagram, we already have feedback option about how your audience will react to content before you take up valuable real estate on your website or shell out money for Instagram ads.

Google Ads

We specialize in unleashing the power of Google Ads to elevate your campaign. Our targeted campaigns ensure maximum visibility and engagement, strategically reaching your audience across Google’s expansive network. Whether you’re focused on increasing awareness of your work or boosting your policies and future work.

Tiktok Ads

We specialize in creating compelling TikTok ad campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results. Our team leverages TikTok’s dynamic platform to boost brand awareness, engage users, and spark trends. Trust us to navigate the fast-paced world of TikTok advertising and elevate yourself to a new heights with popularity.

Linkedin Ads

We excel in harnessing LinkedIn Ads to elevate your professional presence. Our targeted campaigns ensure your message reaches decision-makers and professionals, driving meaningful connections and your personality growth. Partner with us to optimize your LinkedIn advertising strategy and stand out in the professional sphere.


We offer expert consultation services tailored to enhance your strategies. Our seasoned consultants bring a wealth of experience to the table, providing insights and solutions that align with your unique goals. Whether you seek guidance in digital marketing, advertising, or overall personality optimization.

Political Internet Marketing – Website

For any party or an individual running for office, a user-friendly website is necessary to make the digital marketing effectiveness. People must come to know more about the candidate to decide to vote, and a site is a better way to reach more and more people.

A website for a political campaign is useful for politicians as people can read the biography and other valuable information that can convince them to vote and support in favor.

Targeted Areas Voter Lists

IP Re-Target and Targeted Digital Marketing: Our IP targeted marketing service is very effective especially to serve display banner ads that are relevant to websites that the targets visit.

IP matches the addresses, mobile phones, and the emails by the political campaigning tools to offer highest quality ad placements.

IP targeting is like connecting personally with the prospects that are most likely to support and convert.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps to appear high in the search engine results. SEO is not utilized fully by political campaigns in small sizes which is wrong. We are Utilizing SEO to helps in gaining exposure.

Defining the relevant keywords is important. We use the candidate name or party running for office. Combine the name with general political terms and trending political issue keywords searched by people. For this we are using multiple tools e.g Google Keyword Tool to search for most useful keywords.

After defining the keywords for political campaigns, we are frequently update the blog, website and the YouTube channel. This helps the visitors to find the content when searching by keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing Search. If the content is continually updated, the supporters will also be more active. The performance of the site also improved for search engines.

We connect the website with social network pages to drive traffic to the site. Our content creator is engaging and exciting peoples so they can share on social media sites which help in driving donations also.

Research on Competition

Research on competition is critical in political campaigning. The websites, blogs or YouTube channels of the competitors looked at, and also the presence of them on the web are analyzed. The researcher tries to find the techniques they are using and the actions they are taking.

Competitor’s analysis includes looking at the website and finding what is working for them what is not. Investigating what issues the competitors and using to damage the reputation of the client, what solution they are offering to the voters for the issue they are facing etc. are investigated.

Based on the finding, the campaign designed. Identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses in the own campaign as wells that in the competitor campaigns helps to improve the individual campaign.
Having good knowledge about the opponents and gathering data to be more competitive is essential. Gather data about the websites, social media pages, followers, platforms, engagement, and strategies. We have multiple tools to spy on competitors.

Content Curation

There are many numbers of communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others for reaching the voters. It is required to feed content to the blogs, websites, newsletters and email lists. High-quality content is needed to keep the voters engaged.

The content we are providing that will encourage the people to share and take the message delivered to lots and lots of people. The content we will post have catchy captions, and it is also a good idea to have a compelling call to action such as subscribing to email newsletters, taking a subscription, etc.

Content curation helps to reduce hours spent creating original content. Content curators can make use of the live program videos to cut and post on different social media pages.

Content curation not only saves time and resources but also help to keep regularly in touch with the targeted audience. Advertisement created for television can be curated and used as online videos.

Content Marketing

Content marketing in politics is promoting or spreading the ideas and getting brand recognition. In governments, individuals or parties try selling themselves through digital marketing. Digital marketing for politicians gives a chance to interact with voters.

Unlike the TV ads, digital campaigns allow to built trust and provide them with the information that they are looking for and another advantage is that they can consume the message in their leisure time. Digital content marketing allows measuring the effect of the campaigns also.

It is not likely that every member of the audience is interested in any one type of political messages. Thus the political campaigns should include articles, videos, etc. so that they can click on the ones they find interesting.

Our team create content that interest different demographic groups of the specific group of voters. Content creators have the opportunity to personalize the content by using the keywords based on where the audiences located.

Micro-Targeting Advertising

Micro-targeting advertising is the new tactic for political campaigns. Political messages delivered to a general audience and more focused messages are tailored to deliver to the micro-targeted audience.

In micro-targeting personalized message are sent to the targeted audience through emails, text messages, web-based ads or via social sites. Different messages designed for different people based on the data of voters gathered from various sources such as voters list, census data, social media or from commercial data brokers.

Micro-Targeting can be compared to geographic targeting or demographic targeting. But this works at the micro level. These targeted messages are work efficiently than other messages sent commonly to all.

Micro-Targeting is a marketing strategy that uses consumer data and demographics to create audience subsets/segments. It’s possible to predict the buying behavior of these like-minded individuals, and to influence that behavior through hyper-targeted advertising. Micro-Targeting is a highly-effective political campaign tactic. Micro-Targeting is the love child of predictive analytics and data insights. It’s what you do with all that precious data you’ve collected.

Microtargeting, often used by political parties and election campaigns includes direct marketing data mining techniques that involve predictive market segmentation. It is used by the United States political parties, as well as candidates to track individual voters and identify potential supporters.

Video Marketing

The video is the most powerful tool to deliver the messages and keep the audience engaged. Political videos help to keep the audience involved with powerful slogans. Well-made videos can hit the emotional notes of the targeted audience.

We will upload Political videos on the websites, blogs, and on YouTube channel. The video content will be made accessible to share.

Political videos just should not just ask for votes. They should tell a story about an issue and say to the audience how the candidate can help to make it better. Online video has more advantages compared to traditional TV advertising.

Online video performance can be measured easily. It is also possible to track when the ads skipped, and necessary changes can be made to ensure that the audience watches the video till the end.

Different types of videos can use in the digital political campaign. Personal introduction videos help voters to get to know the candidate better. The clippings of rallies, speeches or interviews can be uploaded. Videos to educate and inform the voters created and with this, a personal relationship can develop between the audience and the candidates running for office.

When we are creating online videos for political campaigns, we ensure that they are short and engaging. They should offer some value to the audience. An active call to action must be included to divert the audience to the blog or website or encourage them to watch some other videos on the channel.

Using and Connecting Bloggers and Digital Influencers

  • Large internet presence with political campaigns went on to become a necessity from being an advantage.
  • Digital political campaigns are very effective, and an influencer marketing can help any politician to make the maximum impact with fewer budgets. Messages can be created and delivered through the bloggers, micro influencers from their accounts to the targeted followers.
  • Influencers incorporate the political message into their already being produced content. Bloggers and influencers with an extensive network and allow reaching the targeted voters more efficiently.
  • Micro influencers and help providing localized experience to the voters. As proved earlier, micro-targeting used by the micro-influencers send messages to groups of the electorate.
  • Digital advertising is becoming less effective due to the usage of ad blockers. Thus digital political advertisers are finding new strategies to reach the target audience, and one such effective way is to go with the influencers or bloggers which can resist the ad blocking.