Our Profile

MediaLink Political Campaign Solutions is a sister company of MediaLink Web Solution. We are providing political digital marketing, public affairs, strategic communications and advertising services that combines innovation, technology, and creativity to solve problems in an adversarial world.

A winning political or government campaign requires a sharp message. It also requires a sharp field and targeting plan, rapid response, political outreach, press strategy and direct voter contact—all executed at once, all executed without mistakes. The MediaLink team of political consultants excels at every dimension of winning political campaigns.

Our Digital Marketing Team for Political Campaign

MediaLink’s Digital marketing team helps the individual candidates or the parties running for office to connect with the voters. Our dedicated team provide ground support and to understand the target audience.

Our team helps to create an online presence for the political party or the individual candidate on different popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X).

Our Digital marketing team consists of social media managers, political content writers, graphic designers, content creators, search engine marketers and social media managers.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Our Digital marketing strategist is an important person in our marketing team for the political campaign. Digital marketing strategist decides what the client wants through the campaign. An effective strategy can help give results in the form or increasing visibility or to get leads. Different tools such as social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), targeted marketing, etc. are used by them to provide the return on investment.

Political Content Writer

He catches up every detail about particular political issues and writes content and encourages the audience to participate in discussions.
Videos and pictures are used to make the content more exciting and engaging. An excellent post in the blog or a website well written by a political content writer will be informative, can be used to make a call to people to take some political action or open up a debate on particular topics.

Graphic Designers

A picture is more powerful than thousands of words. Having images and infographics in the content is important to keep the audience engaged.

Our Graphic designers can help generate captivating photos for the political campaigns. Our graphic designers know how to convert a 1 Kilometer Road into 10 Kilometers with creativity or how to convert garbage to garden.

Content Creators

It is not possible to promote a political candidate without the help of content to educate the voter. The content could be in the form of a brochure, a blog post or a video. The content should tell a story.
The voters should not feel that the candidate is being sold to them forcibly. Convincing them is important. Our expert content creators will discuss the problems and create the contents that makes a better image of candidate in his/her areas . Our content creators for political campaign thus create content that interest different demographic groups of the specific group of voters.

Social Media Managers

Social media is a powerful tool for digital promotion. The popularity of social media sites is increasing, and the number of candidates was spending time on social media is also growing. These platforms are the best places to reach large numbers of targeted audience.
It is not necessary to be on every social media network. We first learn the patterns of the audience, their habits, and language. Then after analysis we create content and publish them frequently. Our Social media managers manage the social media marketing and the social media pages.

Search Engine Marketers

Our Search Engine Marketing team works to ensure that the content that created for the political campaign appears in the top results of the audience searches. Paid internet marketing, search engine optimization, and other techniques used.
Our experienced Search Engine Marketers know about the search engines that the audiences are using. They also helps in creating and managing political campaigns, updating the websites, blogs, etc. Our experienced Search engine marketers take care of the visibility of the content on different search engines, like Google Search, Yahoo Search and Bing Search.